Emerald Financial Services

Investments in Farming, Ranching, and Commercial Real Estate

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Enhancing investment through high growth potential and supportive partnership.


Sound stewardship and relationship growth are at the core of our investments.

Emerald Financial Services

Emerald Financial Services is a private equity firm focused on investments in farming, ranching and commercial real estate. Our unique strategic approach is different from other private equity firms that seek controlling interests in companies. Our success is rooted in our ability to create constructive, mutually beneficial partnerships and identify high growth opportunities, optimize existing assets, and maximize returns.

Our firm’s structure enables us to be flexible in how we invest in agricultural and commercial real estate opportunities, and we tailor each transaction to meet the goals of all involved. From the owners to the management teams to the co-investors, our firm works diligently to enhance our partnerships and add strategic and operational value to each and every investment.

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